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The incredible adaptability of our Porous Media™ material allows us to create air bearings suited to a wide range of applications across numerous axis of motion. Our air bars and flat round air bearings enable smooth, single axis motion whilst our tool servo stages provide single axis motion with tool frequencies up to 1000 Hz.

Our air spindles and servo driven rotary stages enable precise rotary motion, as well as our radial air bearings, which can support turbomachinery grade shafts and rotary balancing operations.

When formed into a cylindrical shape, our Air Turns enable non-contact web handling, and every single New Way product meets ISO Class 3 cleanroom conditions. No matter your application, New Way Air Bearings are up to the task.



For the non contact transportation of glass and FPD’s.

Inspection Systems

From pressure transducers to roundness checking New Way offers precision and durability for the next generation of inspection technologies!

Rotary Motion

For constraining and supporting the outer or inner diameter of a rotating assembly.

Rotor Balancing

Air Bearings provide a precise axis of rotation for rotor balancing operations.

Web Handling

Flexible webs can be carried over porous media with minimal stress and strain.

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